Drowning in Jefferson County

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The search for a missing Jefferson County man resumed Monday. He disappeared while fishing Sunday, but despite two days of searching there's no sign of Gabriel Jimenez.

Day two in the search for the missing man brought deputies back to a pond off Boston Highway with hopes of finding 22-year-old Gabriel Hernandez-Jimenez.

Authorities say Sunday afternoon Jimenez and several of his friends were fishing with nets when he disappeared in the pond.

Sheriff David Hobbs said, "Witness say they saw him go under and all of a sudden they saw him come back up gasping for air and trying to swim. He went back up a second time and they didn't see him any more after that."

Deputies are cleaning the pond, removing vegetation that dominates the murky waters, hoping to give Leon County's dive team more visibility as they search for Jimenez. But family members say they've given up hope he will be found alive.

Yvette Hernandez said, "They just want to find the body and get him buried and have some kind of closure, that's what they really want. They're just trying to take this the best they can.

Neighbors describe Jimenez as a wonderful, caring person.

Stu Jiser said, "He was just a good kid, and yesterday morning he was out weeding our front door and cleaned our laundry room area, and he was always doing good things. He was just a real shame, because he's a real good kid and we're really going to miss him."

He’s a man whose family and friends say was so full of life. Deputies have not recovered a body and have called off the search for now. They will resume Tuesday morning.