Securing Your Home for Summer

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Tallahassee resident Ruby Harris has had her Southside home burglarized time and time again.

Monday night she attended her neighborhood association meeting hearing from the Tallahassee Police Department.

Harris and her neighbors wanted to learn what they can do prevent burglaries while they're away on summer vacation.

"You wanna maybe invest in some timers inside your residence for your interior lights and electronics. This gives the impression that somebody is home even though nobody is and another thing to think about is getting your lawn landscaped before you leave so it looks like somebody is home," said OFC Ryan Dunphy.

This time of year alarm companies sirens are going off and burglary victims are calling for installations so their homes don't get targeted again.

"It's kinda like insurance on a car. It's one of those things that people hate to have to pay for but look at the consequences of not having it," said Trey Spratt with Certified Security Systems.

Police also suggest stopping mail and newspapers and locking doors and windows.

"All it takes is a couple seconds for someone to get in there and take what they want," said Dunphy.