Leon County Gets Back F-CAT Scores

While the state is talking 40,000 students not making the grade to move forward, Leon County school administrators are fielding phone calls from people asking, "how did they do it?" That's because preliminary findings show less than 400 students didn't make the cut.

Monday morning Leon County Schools Superintendent Bill Montford took on the task of breaking down local F-CAT scores. His findings have him beaming with pride.

“We are above the state average across the board. Third grade reading sixth in the state, in math, third in the state,” he says.

Of almost 2500 third graders, 349 scored a one of five points, meaning they will be required to attend a summer reading academy and possibly move on to the fourth grade.

Carolyn Brevard Elementary, which will host one of the four programs, saw some of the lowest scores in the county with 39% of third graders not scoring above level one.

“We're all in this together, had a good cry, move forward and continue to do that,” says Principal Pam Hightower.

Meanwhile, Montford is quite pleased with F-CAT category. He says of more than 2000 twelfth graders eligible for graduation, only 50 seniors will have to wait.

But, they'll still have two more chances in June and October to get their 2003 diploma.

Since third graders are at risk of being held back, and seniors unable to graduate, the state arranged to release their scores sooner, since arrangements need to be made. Other local F-CAT scores are expected in the days to come.