Hot Temperatures in Georgia

WCTV's own Pinpoint Weather Team says we're not experiencing record breaking temperatures yet, but with a small chance of rainfall, those record highs could be closing in on our area.

All this sweltering heat, and it's barely summer. To play it safe and make sure no one gets too hot, the local YMCA is changing around a few of their summer activities.

Greer Cox, branch director at Butler-Mason YMCA, said, "We just reorganize the day, and the kids may do more arts and crafts in the summertime, in the afternoon."

Directors say changing things up is an easy way to keep children inside during the hottest part of the day.

With temperatures reaching the mid 90's, people with children say it's these temperatures that have them taking extra steps to protect their children.

Annette Stecker, a grandmother of two, says, "Staying them in later in the afternoon at the heat of the day. That's when they're inside doing some reading, watch movies and stuff. As it cools down they can go back out and play."

Telling a child to slow down and take it easy on their summer vacation may not be too easy, but it's one way to protect them from extreme temperatures.

Other ways to play it safe are to stay hydrated, and stay in the shade when possible.