CRCT Scores for Georgia Students

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The scores are in for the 2006 CRCT in Thomas County. The scores for the state were released earlier this month.

Every year Georgia students from first through eighth grade take the CRCT, which stands for the Criterion-Referenced Competency Test.

This test is taken to see if the children are ready to be promoted to the next grade and shows how well schools are doing overall. The principal of Cross Creek Elementary says their scores show they are above the state average.

Bernice Mitchell said, "Cross Creek has done extremely well. We're very proud of our staff and students, they have worked very hard."

Here's a breakdown of how the county ranks against the state.

First and second graders scored below the state average, while third and fourth graders scored higher.

Overall, fifth graders falling just below while students in sixth through eighth grades scored above the state average. Even with most students above average, school officials say improvement plans are on the way.

Scott James said, "Each school has some different things they're doing, a different program they may try with certain groups of kids who may need additional help."

Principals of all the schools say these scores would not be made possible without the hard work of the teachers and students.

School officials also say parents play a huge role in these scores, and appreciate the parents who work so hard for their students.