SWAT Called Out in Gadsden County

There were some tense moments in Gadsden County Tuesday morning as a man threatened to kill himself and everyone else. It happened at a home off Smithtown Road in Chatahoochee.

According to Gadsden County sheriff's deputies, the man's parents called for help after the 20-year-old shot his dog and threatened to shoot himself.

His parents left the house unharmed, and a brother and good friend went in to try to talk him out of any more trouble.

MAJ David Ganious of the Gadsden County Sheriff's Office said, "Nobody was held against their will. They went there on their own free will. They was in no danger. He said he wouldn't do nothing to them; he just wanted to talk with his brother and one of his best friends."

Gadsden County called in the Leon County SWAT Team and the Hostage Negotiation Team to help with the four hour standoff, but everything ended peacefully without having to send them in.

The 20-year-old was taken for a mental health evaluation, and deputies say they seized several guns from his home.