Accused Kidnappers Denied Bond

Three men accused of abducting a Georgia teenager will remain behind bars in Tallahassee. Tuesday morning a judge denied them bond.

Salvador Hernandez, the man deputies call the kidnapping ringleader, asked the judge to release him on bond. Judge Tim Harley said no, and he said no to accused accomplices Enrique Lopez and Perez Gomez too.

The entire bond hearing was held via video link from the jail and conducted with the help of an interpreter who speaks Spanish.

The three men were arrested Monday at a Tallahassee motel accused of abducting 16-year-old Josephina Perez Gomez from her home in Cairo, fleeing the state, and deputies believe they were about to head west when they were caught outside their motel room.

A public defender asked the judge to release the men, saying deputies may have spotted them at the motel but have no proof they were involved in the kidnapping.

Judge Harley denied that request. The three men, Hernandez, Lopez and Gomez, will remain in jail in Tallahassee until they're sent back to Grady Count, Georgia to face charges.

Each of the men was appointed a public defender who will also represent them in any extradition hearings. Two other men are in custody in Georgia in connection with this case.