Frozen Baby Trial

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It was news that stunned a small Decatur County community, one of its own, accused of killing her newborn baby, keeping its body in a freezer for nearly eighteen months, the infant's body discovered by the accused's own teenage children.

Cameras were not allowed inside the Decatur County courtroom where Melissa Ferguson stands trial, accused of murdering her newborn baby.

Charged with one count of felony murder, cruelty to a child, and concealing and abandoning a body, Ferguson sat quietly as the prosecution made an emotional closing argument in front of the twelve member jury.

District attorney brown Mosley says the fact that Ferguson concealed her baby's death raises questions, telling the jury

"Something is wrong, something is not right, this is not normal, it reaches out to say someone is hiding something."

Mosley told the jury it is hard fact to swallow that Ferguson did not know she was pregnant. He played a 9-1-1 tape for jury members, also showed them pictures of the infant, backing up his argument that she had not washed the child off after delivery like she claimed in cross examination. But, the defense reminded the jury to deliberate the law, not whether they think she did it, but did the state prove beyond reasonable doubt Ferguson murdered her baby the defense went on to say Ferguson had a regular menstrual cycle during all three of her pregnancies, proof she was unaware of the pregnancy.

Ferguson plead guilty to the count of concealing a body, but the defense says there is no evidence she maliciously harmed the child.