Lawn Company Break-Ins Connected

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The Leon County Sheriff's Office is on the lookout for the men responsible for a rash of break-ins at landscaping businesses.

They say in the past couple weeks, the alleged thieves broke into at least three businesses, stealing equipment such as lawn mowers and edgers.

One company just got their equipment back Friday after someone recognized the mowers being hauled away down the road.

The more than $15,000 worth of equipment was recovered on a plantation in Jefferson County.

"It's hard to imagine when you walk into your place first thing in the morning and you see stuff moved around, especially when a full size truck has been drug out of the way and you see your equipment is not where you left it. It's pretty devastating," said David Cook, who owns Border to Border Gardens.

Deputies do have a person of interest in mind. They believe he was planning to sell the equipment for a profit.