Isaacs Execution

Death Penalty

May 14, 1973, three Maryland prison escapees made their way to a family farm west of Donalsonville Georgia. Ned Alday, his brother Aubrey and three sons, Chester, Jerry and Jimmy, came home from working the fields to find Carl Isaacs and the other men burglarizing the family trailer. The Alday men were brutally murdered, and Jimmy's wife marry was raped twice before also being shot to death. Carl Isaacs never showed any remorse.

"To say, would I pull the trigger again, and kill those people again, I would have to say yes."

Tuesday, family members of those murdered had anything but remorse for Isaacs.

As the bus prepared to leave Donalsonville for Jackson and the pending execution of Carl Isaacs, only are there family members here, but friends and even politicians, all saying it's about time.

After that, the bus carrying some 60 Alday family members and close friends was led away from Donalsonville, flanked by sheriff's cruisers.

All on board hope they return with the satisfaction that Carl Isaacs will never have the chance to kill again.

Forty-nine-year-old Carl Isaacs died of lethal injection at 8:07 p.m. Tuesday at Jackson State Prison.