Habitat Houses

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More than 30 volunteers, including college students, are spending their weekend hammering out the details, building Habitat homes for residents who can’t afford them.

Amber Brown, a volunteer and college student, said, "It's just a great chance to get to give back to the community. We're so blessed and we have this opportunity to come together and also to be able to grow together as a college group and get to know people at our church a little better."

Stephanie Thomas, the future owner of this house, looks forward to a place her family can finally call home.

Thomas said, "It means so much that everyone has given up their weekends and came out here when they don't have to; they could be in their bed sleeping late or going shopping, but they're taking the time to come out here for me and my kids, and that means the world to me."

A common misconception is that these houses are built and given away, but the future homeowner does have responsibility. They must be qualified, they must take on the bills once they have the mortgage, and they also have to participate in the construction.

Jaima Muralles, a volunteer, said, "Well, right now I have one more weekend of about seven or eight hours of volunteering work, I mean, I will finish work, and after that I complete my ours of volunteering."

Once Muralles finishes his 300 hours of volunteer work constructing other homes he will assist Habitat for Humanity and break ground on his home.

If you are interested in helping out, you can contact Tallahassee Habitat for Humanity at 850-574-2288.