Incoming Freshmen

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Incoming freshman, Kristen O'Dowd says, "I'm a little nervous, I don't know what to expect."

That was the phrase of the day as incoming freshman prepare to start their college experience.

And she's not alone other freshman are also a little scared.

Ellen Manary says, "I felt like I forgot like ten things and I was just nervous about friends and the school load and the work load."

But Manary's father has other worries, "This is my baby girl, I am very concerned about her, and we had a little father-daughter chat before we came down and I think she will be fine."

Other new students can echo the same sentiment; their nerves were settled after finding comfort in their new home.

Two sisters who are incoming freshman say, "Well we had to move in yesterday, it was a lot of hauling, luckily we are only on the second floor and our dorm turned out to be really nice, we have good roommates, and we went and got our books yesterday."

Getting a head start on books and supplies will help these students transition efficiently and it will help their parents feel a little at ease.

One father says, "I Just wanted to come up and wish them off right, show them around a little bit, and kind of spend the last day with them."

These are the last days of bonding before these incoming freshmen have to buckle down and concentrate on their work, while having a little fun.

Some incoming freshmen at FSU kick off their first semester in college Monday.