Easing Tallahassee Traffic Congestion

57,000 vehicles travel Tennessee Street each day.

Joshua Rayam, Tallahassee driver, said, "Most of the time around lunch time and by the time you get off work, it's really busy, a lot of traffic backed up, most likely backed up light to light."

City traffic engineers are pushing a plan that calls for the two way conversion of Virginia Street and Call Street. Both are, for the most part one ways.

Olu Sawyerr, Tallahassee traffic engineer, said, "If we have more traffic using Call Street, it's going to alleviate Tennessee quite a bit, it's going to help Tennessee Street."

Sawyerr says the two way conversion could cut traffic on Tennessee by as much as 25 percent and help ease downtown congestion.

The two way conversion had already been on the drawing board, but the date was pushed forward with FSU's new parking garage going up along Call and Tennessee.

If commissioners approve, the conversions would start by the end of the year.

A two way conversion on Virginia Street is also expected to open up access to a new Charter Elementary School proposed at Virginia and Adams.

The project is estimated at about $670,000 for both streets.