Watch Out for Counterfeit Bills

Big spenders beware, some counterfeit $100 bills are circulating in Tallahassee. The sheriff's office says several Leon County businesses have already been victimized.

Dollar General stores have been hit at least three times.

A store manager tells us employees had been warned to look out for the bogus bills, but the one handed to a cashier on Pensacola Street passed the initial counterfeit pen test.

Ken Palmer, store manager, Dollar General, said, "Normally what they would do, they would take the pen and mark the bills, if the money was counterfeit, it would turn black. In this case, it didn't so she accepted the bill and she noticed the bill.”

The suspect was able to take off before the cashier could stop him.

The sheriff's office financial crimes unit is working with the secret service to track down the counterfeiters.