ATV Fatal Accident

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A deadly ATV accident claims the life of a teen girl and sends her friend to the hospital with critical injuries.

It happened this weekend on a South Georgia Highway. A Saturday afternoon of outdoor fun takes a turn for the worse when two girls take their four-wheeler on a public road.

Jessica Rhoades, a family member says, "Her mom is real upset, my Aunt Becky, my whole family is."

Family members still stunned after the death of 13-year-old Stephanie Rhoades.

Georgia troopers say she and her 13-year-old friend Trisha Stallnaker were riding an ATV, coming out of Cooter Bouie Road and onto Highway 302.

At the same time, an SUV driving north on the highway, with two women, and a three-year-old boy inside.

State Trooper Derek Johnson says, "The four wheeler came out in the road, in front of the SUV, the SUV ended up trying to avoid the four-wheeler overturning once or twice."

Before flipping and ending up in a ditch, the SUV already hit the two girls.

Medical and police officials arrived on scene one of the girls Trisha Stallnaker, was lifeflighted from the scene to Tallahassee Memorial Hospital.

The driver of the four-wheeler, Stephanie Rhoades was taken to Dothan, Alabama where she was later pronounced dead.

Funeral arrangements have been made for Stephanie Rhodes, for Tuesday at 4 p.m..