New Taser Laws

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Controversy over the use of stun guns by officers prompted law enforcement to come together and help develop statewide regulations.

"Everybody wanted to know where to put it, when it should be used and there was a lot of pressure to take them off the streets,” explains Rob Reisinger, Leon County Sheriff's Office.

Stun guns will still be used by authorities, but the new law requires all officers in Florida to undergo four hours of training and one hour of re-certification training a year before deploying a taser.

"Many agencies relied on their policies however there was no uniform policy throughout the state of when and how the taser could be applied. Now we have that with this legislation,” says Lt. David Folsom, Tallahassee Police Department.

Authorities say a stun gun can be used when a person can do harm, or is resisting or refusing to comply with officers while in custody.

"It takes away the guess work. Nobody's an island out there by themselves fighting the system of what is reasonable and that's what we're judged by,” says Rob Reisinger, LCSO.

"It provides another tool law enforcement can use that is non-lethal and it gives an intermediate step so it might save some lives,” adds LT David Folsom, TPD.

Providing officers with another option instead of using a baton or a gun; giving them a window of opportunity to handle a situation that could otherwise be dangerous or even deadly.

Members of both the Leon County Sheriff's Office and the Tallahassee Police Department assisted in writing the taser training bill.