FL Purple Heart Recipients Get Free Tuition

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A few years ago when Ted Pooser was a full time college student, he also worked a full time job just to afford school.

"It basically took me four years to do two years,” Pooser explains.

Juggling both became too tough. After two years Pooser entered the Army. Three years later, while in Baghdad, his father received a call. A moment he'll never forget.

"It was from his casualty commander," says Ned Pooser, fighting back the tears.

Pooser's son was wounded, soon after he received a Purple Heart.

Now he's healed, done serving, and ready to get back to school; this time without having to work.

Under a new bill signed by Gov. Bush, wounded veterans who've received Purple Hearts can attend college at the government's expense.

"That's gonna be wonderful basically I'll be able to go to school all day long. I'll be able to focus on my studies and maybe live a little life afterwards so it'll be a lot better," Ted shares.

Ned is also thrilled as a veteran and as a parent, "This is such a great gesture for the citizens of Florida to recognize the sacrifices of the sons and daughters in uniform and as a parent we're very appreciative."

Pooser plans to go back to school for criminal justice.

He's hoping to one day work for Homeland Security so he can defend the country here at home just like he did on the front lines in Baghdad.