Shooting Victim Dies

A woman survives a gunshot to the face, but her friend is mortally wounded. Now, an investigation is underway in Grady County to find some answers.

Around 3 P.M. Tuesday, G.B.I. agents and Grady County sheriffs were called to Calvary’s quiet Hawthorne neighborhood. When they arrived, they discovered two people shot in the front yard of one of the homes there. Now, friends and neighbors are trying to cope with the news.

Elidio Flores looks at pictures in disbelief, trying to reason how anyone could take the life of a friend he's worked with and lived nearby for so long.

A translator asks about the deceased: "He says he is a hard worker and a good

A friend to many in the community, a community still trying to cope with the events that unfolded Tuesday afternoon.

G.B.I. agents have determined thus far, four homes in the area were burglarized. Nineteen-year-old Otavis Gurley is now behind bars. Where the shootings actually occurred and what precipitated them still are not known.

Elidio says he's finding it hard to come to grips with being the bearer of bad news.

"He says he has a wife and family in Mexico and he came here to work to make more money."

And during such an emotional time- members of the Calvary community have stepped in to help out. They are collecting funds from the community to have the deceased shipped to Mexico for a proper burial.

G.B.I. agents have not yet released the name of the deceased while they try and contact relatives in Mexico. They believe four separate home were in fact burglarized, and the young woman shot in face (Rosa Ramos) has since been treated and released from the hospital.

Gurley is awaiting a first appearance set for tomorrow. He is being charged with four counts of burglary and murder, but he could face several other charges.