Transit Takeover

Corinne Wilson takes full advantage of Thomas County's transit system. She says she lives alone and depends on the bus to get her out of the house for a few hours.

County employees say residents like Wilson won't be affected by the new contract.

Donnie Baggett with the county said, "There shouldn't be any change. We're basically going to run it under minds-old method, except we're just going to fine tune it. It needs a little fine tuning, and that's what we plan to do."

Corinne Wilson, a transit customer, said, "It will be fine as long as they pick me up and bring me up here and take me back home."

Beginning July 1 the Thomas County Board of Commissioners will gain complete control of the transit system. The board discussed taking over in the past but decided it was never the right time. Now, the county is ready to take the wheel.

Elaine Mays, a Thomas County commissioner, said, "We already do the maintenance. We have an office here; we have our own telephones and everything. We just feel that we'll have a better grasp of exactly what is going on with the transit."

With everything in place, the county hopes for a smooth transition into the new agreement, and they hope riders like Wilson will benefit from keeping things local.

The county says finances for the transit system come from grants, so the new agreement won't cost taxpayers a dime.