Sex Law Challenge

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Parents worry about the safety of their children, especially with approximately 10,000 convicted sex offenders in the state of Georgia.

One resident said, "I am a grandmother and I have a wonderful, a beautiful young girl as a granddaughter, and it does concern me highly not only for her safety, but also for her loss of freedom."

But now there is a bigger matter for parents as a group is supporting these violators. Recently a civil liberties group has filed suit against the state of Georgia, arguing that a new law takes away their rights.

DET Jason Carroll said, "If you live within of a school, day care center or a church, they are ordered to move, or if they are employed at any of these places.

The main concern among sex offenders is a new addition to the law, which prevents them from living within 1,000 feet of any school bus stop.

The civil justice group who filed suit argues that it's extremely hard to find housing due to the large number of bus stops throughout the state.

The new law, known as House Bill 1059, is effective July 1, but a judge ruled that the eight sex offenders who are suing are able to remain in their homes temporarily, even if the location does not comply with the recent restrictions.

The law applies to everyone on the registry, no matter how serious a crime they committed.

The plaintiff's next appearance in court is set for July 11.