Wall of Fame


Florida beverage agents made more than 3,000 arrests during spring break this year, primarily for underage drinking.

ABT set up shop in Florida in the years after prohibition, and today it's celebrating its 70th birthday.

Moonshinin' isn't the problem it once was, but a still in Woodville was discovered just two years ago.

Agents with Florida's Division of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco have been fighting moonshiners and more modern law-breakers for 70 years now.

To mark its 70th anniversary, ABT dedicated a wall of fame. On it? Eight pictures of agents killed in the line of duty, including Roscoe Hargett, the first African American beverage agent to die. He was killed during a moonshine bust in 1955.

The danger modern beverage agents face is the same, but the work is much different. Busting convenience store clerks who sell alcohol to minors. Arresting those making fake ID’s, and of course, patrolling Florida’s famous spring break party spots. The wall of fame is located in ABT’s Tallahassee headquarters in the Northwood Center.