Hit List

An Internet website apparently built by area teenagers is raising eyebrows in the rural town of Cottondale and beyond. That website includes a hit list which names students, teachers and administrators.

Cottondale is a small sleepy town in the Florida panhandle, but recently the quiet town got a wake up call no one could dream of.

"We’ve done so many things positive at CHS that it's really disappointing that this is drawing so much attention that all things our students have been doing," says Patty Segrest, Cottondale High Assistant Principal.

Police say four Cottondale High School students used the Internet to write about killing someone just to see what it feels like. The website even provides a hit list of teachers, fellow classmates and administrators.

Assistant Vice-Principal Patty Segrest is number five on the list.

"Fearful? No, I’ve been in business for over thirty years, and been situation where there is fear involved and this isn't one of them," she says.

Yet Cottondale parents were afraid and notified Jackson County authorities about the site. Where a 16-year-old girl writes in a journal type entry, "Ted Bundy isn't the only serial killer in Florida."

Dep. Larry Moore says, "If this had happened at school it’d be a lot different story."

Jackson county assistant superintendent, Larry Moore says since no criminal activity took place on Cottondale’s campus, the school's hands are tied. It's not clear what was meant to happen to the people on the hit list, and authorities are still looking to see who orchestrated the site.

The students featured on the site are still at school, since it hasn't been determined if they've broken any laws.