Georgia Voter Identification

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Georgia voters may now have to have a photo ID when heading to the polls.

When election time rolls around citizens head to the polls believing it’s their patriotic duty to voice their beliefs through voting, but a new plan may make voting a little complicated.

Jack Hadley, a resident of Thomas County, said, "You've got these senior citizens, disabled people, the minorities, the poor whites, they're not going to be able to go to the polls, they're going to scratch it, so we're going to lose these people that would have gone to the polls.”

Now the state of Georgia may require a picture ID in order for people to vote.

Probate Judge Vikkie Burnette said, "We've received information from the secretary of state office yesterday, that they would be letting us know in the next couple of weeks whether or not we would require six forms of identification.”

Those six forms are a Georgia driver’s license, a valid state issued ID card, a military ID, a tribal IS, a U.S. passport, or and an employee identification card.

Voting officials say it may be a hassle, but worth the trouble.

Lisa Green with voter registration said, "It allows the poll worker to verify identification further than just having a piece of paper with someone's name and address."

Voting officials say none of this is definite just yet as they wait for the final decision to come from the state.

If passed by the state, the voter identification cards will be offered at no charge, but citizens will have to go to the voter registration office to get the card.