Downtown Quincy

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Quincy's downtown was once thriving, but some residents say chain stores are taking business away from mom and pop stores, leaving many storefronts empty.

City Commissioner Derrick Elias grew up in Quincy and enjoyed the bustling businesses that once dominated the downtown square.

Now the area is filled with vacant storefronts beckoning enterprising folks to take a second look.

Quincy Commissioner Derrick Elias said, "We're going to have to do something about it and it's going to take a collaborative effort from city commissioners and from property owners, and likewise we want to hear from residents to see what they want downtown.

But so far leaders don't have a plan in place to lure businesses to an already struggling square.

"Several years ago city commissioners imposed a moratorium on churches coming to the downtown area all in the hopes of getting more businesses to the square. So far that hasn't happened.

Only a handful of new businesses are there. Southern Couture is one of them, but not a lot of residents are aware they're open.

Mahogany Kendrick added, "For one, we don't have enough stores in the square that will attract the younger or older crowd. We try to get something her for the younger crew to come in."

Some business owners say they would like the Chamber of Commerce to consider advertising their stores and help them stay afloat

Commissioner Elias hopes to bring the matter to fellow commissioners at the next meeting, with hopes of finding a solution to the problem.