FAMU to Review Eight Layoffs

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A few weeks after she was laid off, a former FAMU employee is still in shock.

"I really was working hard to do everything that I thought was expected of me, so I was blind sighted," said Juanda Beck-Jones, one of eight FAMU faculty members in the School of Business recently let go.

In a letter to the eight staff members, the school stated some of them were not professionally or academically qualified. The school said it was a matter of restructuring, and a chance to enhance the business school's chances of accreditation.

"The eight people that were terminated they have been attending conferences, presenting papers, attempting to get papers published in referee journals, so I don't understand why all of a sudden in 2006 you fire eight people when we're up for accreditation three years down the road," said Associate Professor Dr. Clyde Ashley.

The university said it was all an effort to run the business school more effectively and efficiently.

"We followed the collective bargaining agreement of course there are always difference in interpretation and that's okay. That's part of why it’s a bargaining agreement," said the VP of Academic Affairs, Debra Austin.

Beck-Jones says she left the meeting more satisfied than when she walked in.

“It seems as if the administration is going to reconsider their position and evaluate us and our credentials so it seems like it’s a pretty good day and I got to speak my peace and that felt good."