Georgia Sex Offender Restrictions

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Tougher laws for sex offenders lighten up when it comes to living near school bus stops.

Tougher sex offender laws are keeping violators even farther away from children, stopping them from living or working within 1,000 feet from anywhere children may be, including school bus stops.

Now enforcement is changing once again, thanks to civil rights groups.

Thomas County INV Jason Carroll said, "Right now they've given every sex offender in the state of Georgia a stay on that until the final ruling, so at this point we're not making anyone move from their residence just based on a designated bus stop."

The fact that this is even an issue is troubling for some parents.

Parent and teacher Julia Scott said, "There's choices and consequences for every action that you make, and positive or negative, unfortunately, if you commit a crime then you should be paying those consequences and not infringing your rights upon the victims’ rights."

The final ruling for the bus stop restrictions is expected July 11, so sex offenders must still be prepared to move from their homes. But experts say the best way to protect your children from sex offenders is through education.

As far as playgrounds, daycare centers and anywhere else children might be, officials say the 108 sex offenders in Thomas County have been informed they must move at least 1,000 feet away from these places, starting Saturday, July 1.