Surving Cancer

At this moment, thousands of people are gearing up for the American Cancer Society's 9th Annual Relay for Life, setting out to find out a cure for a disease that claims the life of people everyday, but for every person that looses their battle with cancer, someone survives.

Two amazing women say everyday you survive cancer you are on the winning side. Jennifer Sims and Kelly Asher share a special bond.

"On my last day of chemo I met Jennifer on her first day of chemo," says Kelly.

Since that fateful day in 2000, these women have taken a road less traveled. A road that has made them stronger, and changed their lives forever.

"I actually consider having had cancer a blessing, because it's just given me a new perspective on life," Jennifer says.

At the age of 31, Jennifer Sims was diagnosed with breast cancer. She was also nine weeks pregnant with her second child.

"Went through full year of treatment and surgery, afterwards had a healthy baby boy in November who survived with me."

Unlike Jennifer, Kelly Asher had a family history of cancer. She was first diagnosed in 1995 with cancer at the age of 35. In 1997, she was diagnosed with invasive cancer that
reoccurred in 2000.

"Family and friends are in shock. but when they call your name you are the only one
who goes into the operating room," Kelly explains.

That's when the idea for a support group of young women diagnosed with cancer took flight. They would call the support group, Chicks Against Cancer.

Helping each other live beyond cancer. Not taking a walk in the park, a child's smile or an afternoon with a friend for granted.

The support group, Chicks Against Cancer, is made up of young women diagnosed with breast, kidney, lung and all types of cancer. The group’s motto is “learning, living and