Food Drive

The mailman is counting on you to make a special delivery this weekend. The U.S. Postal Service is trying to "stamp out hunger."

For many Tallahassee postal workers, Saturday's food drive is the best day on the job all year. Postal carrier Ken Redding has delivered mail in Tallahassee for 18 years, and this year is heading up the carriers' annual food drive.

"Once you do it, you get hooked. It's just so rewarding to know that on Mother's Day some of us are enjoying a fine meal and someone's hungry, we've done a little something to make sure someone has something to eat," Ken said.

Last year, Tallahassee letter carriers collected more than 42,000 pounds of food, and the goal this year is more than double that at 100,000 pounds.

The Second Harvest Food Bank is getting ready to receive and distribute the food to hungry families in 14 Big Bend counties.

Cindy Wagner of the Second Harvest Food Bank said, "No matter what group is important to you, children, the elderly, military families, the homeless, we hope to help all of those populations with the food we get this week."

So, as Ken Reddick and thousands of other carriers head out on their routes in the morning will do him proud, and place brown bags filled with non-perishable food alongside their mailboxes.

People can place food in bags on or next to their mailbox Saturday, or drop off donations at special bins at Albertson’s, Winn-Dixie or Sam’s Club.