CSX Track Woes

If you're tired of crossing those bumpy railroad tracks along Pavo Road and Highway 19 in Thomasville, you’re not alone. For months, motorists have complained the tracks are causing serious damage to the cars of those locals and visitors who travel this route.

After a long day of work, Terry Botvenek says he used to look forward to his relaxing drive home, but now, this drive is anything but soothing.

"Six days a week, I use this road and each week it gets worse and with the erosion
even worse, it's caused alignment problems, it's rough," says Terry.

Rough, rusty, rickety and in desperate need of repair; words Marjorie Coffee uses to describe the tracks smack dab in front of her business.

"Some of my insured customers fuss it's rough and it knocks their cars out of line, most of the time the center lane and the middle sector is the worst part I think," Marjorie says.

Anywhere along the rails are dozens of protruding nails, and with the CSX railroad company making several much needed repairs to other area tracks, Terry hopes this set is next.

"We have many people travel here and I just figured when they did the other one, they would do this," says Terry.

But until repairs are made, motorists say they'd much rather use alternate routes. If you are looking to take an alternate route, locals suggest taking the airport route that cuts into Highway 19 North.