FAMU Promotes Campus Counseling Services

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A push is now underway at a local university to have more students take advantage of free counseling services.

Dr. Yolanda Bogan, a counselor with Florida A&M University, says she has noticed a rise in students engaging in self-mutilation...a sign she says is often related to a history of neglect or abuse.

She says a lot of students have not been taking advantage of counseling services because they don't know they are available.

"We want them to take advantage of the counseling services and realize that counseling services serve a wide variety of student concerns...including academic issues, career counseling as well as mental health issues," says Bogan.

Last week, FAMU’s Board of Trustees approved a move to limit the amount of sessions a semester to 12.

Doctor Bogan says this will help students become more goal oriented and focused when entering a session.