"Absolutely, Positively No Drugs"

Continuing the fight against drugs, area police have now turned to a city ordinance for backup.

Bar owner Neville Coke got a letter from the city of Perry telling him he has to stop drug activity going on around his business.

Neville said, "You could be fined. In the notice, anything that becomes a nuisance, you get rid of it. I didn't want it to come down to this point."

Perry police are sending warning letters out before enforcing a city ordinance that deems any property that harbors the sale or distribution of drugs a public nuisance.

Coke is passing the warning on to his patrons with "absolutely, positively no drugs" printed in bright letters on the door.

Neville said, "Nobody made me do what I did, I did it on my own. I said, look, this is coming to an end."

It's not just businesses that are being warned. Police are also monitoring certain neighborhoods, which residents say they appreciate.

Blanche McGrew, a Perry resident, said, "I think it's a good thing because they need to clean up around here. It's a lot of old, elderly people who live in this neighborhood and they are scared. They want the streets cleaned up."

SGT Dodd Franklin of the Perry Police Department said, "We've go an extremely good working relationship with the Sheriff's Office. The community can call and remain anonymous and we'll work with the community. We just appreciate all of the help we get from the community."

If illegal activities continue, officials say they can shut down or take over the business or home. The city attorney has sent out three letters so far. Police say property owners are taking steps to correct the problem.