Spider Calls on the Rise

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Katherine Sullivan has sort of a love hate relationship with the spiders which have spun webs throughout her home.

"I don't really mind them as long as they are not hurting anybody. They take care of the bugs and pest I don't like by eating them," says sullivan.

In her laundry room, webs line walls and window pains. Hidden under a shelf, a spider egg is on the verge of releasing several offspring.

Pest inspector Sam Edwards says it's during the spring and summer when spiders are more visible.

"It's due to the weather and everything else. And also, babies are hatching now and becoming full grown. So, spiders are more visible," says edwards.

If you're not a fan of spiders, the key is to get rid of rubbish piles which draw insects, and eventually will draw spiders.

Edwards says in our region, most of the spiders you'll contact will be harmless. But there are a few exceptions.

"If you see a shiny black spider with a red hour glass on his belly, you definitely want to stay away from that one. Also, be careful of the Brown Recluse, with a violin shape on its back. Those are the only two that are really a serious threat to you," adds Edwards, who says another way to deal with spiders is through de-webbing and through using contact sprays only.