Area Dogs Flee From Loud Fireworks

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While many of you were sighing in awe of Tuesday's fireworks, many area dogs were howling in distress.

Tallahassee's Animal Service Center has been flooded with calls from residents who live near Tom Brown Park and who are either missing a dog or had one show up at their doorstep Tuesday.

Director Dee Crumpler says, in some cases, dogs have broken through chains and even jumped fences because of the fireworks.

"That is why we try to tell people every year, don't bring the animals to Tom Brown Park. And if you have got them at home, keep them in the house in a secure location. Just keep them inside around this time of year," says Crumpler, who adds many of the lost animals have been reunited with their owners.

If you have a pet that may have gone astray, contact the Animal Service Center at 850-891-2950.