New Industrial Park in Cairo

This week Grady County commissioners voted to go ahead and jump on board with the city of Cairo, proposing a new industrial park.

Rick McCaskill, executive director with the Grady County Joint Development Authority, said, "This will position us where we can bring a large industry that needs a lot of acreage. Plus it's got the added bonus of being on the railroad track."

The deal isn't final yet, but it is expected to be by the middle of the month. With the county footing 40 percent of the bill and the city picking up the remainder, both hope a new park will bring more jobs to the area.

Rusty Moye, county administrator, said, "I'm told somewhere between 80 and one 140 new jobs fairly rapidly if we had the property and if we can attract the right type of industry."

The city and the county are hoping with approximately 200 acres of land industries will be quick to set up shop.

McCaskill added, "Our existing industrial park is very hilly, therefore the sight development cost in the existing park are very expensive for large projects."

Once the deal is finalized, it shouldn't take too long for the city to see big changes. McCaskill says talks are already underway for possible businesses to build in the new industrial park.

The Joint Development Authority says this deal is perfect timing. It's seeing more industries from Florida looking to relocate in Georgia.