Wakulla Residents Talking Trash

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Hundreds of Wakulla County residents who used to have their trash collected for them are now collecting it themselves, hauling their garbage to the landfill.

One of the major trash service companies, Waste Management, has just done away with residential pickup.

"I suspect the pickup of residential garbage, with the price of fuel, it’s just not profitable venture any longer," said county administrator Joe Blanchard.

A few small companies are taking on the load but are now overwhelmed and can only handle about half of the 700 residents wanting curbside collection.

“In the past three or four days have taken on 20 new customers, and at $40 or $50 a garbage can it does put a hamper on us," said Mary Davis with M&J Garbage.

Janie Raker drops off her trash at the landfill herself. She says if other residents don’t do the same, Wakulla County could have a very stinky situation.

“The trash will be dumped on the roadside or else be piled up in the yards or else people will try to burn it themselves, and that could be dangerous, especially now with no rain, and it could cause the forest to catch on fire and then every ones in danger.“

The county is set to meet with some of the private companies Thursday to come up with a plan, maybe some could expand and take on more customers although they may not have budgeted for the extra dumping fees, either that or possibly the county could also get in the business to collect trash.