Body Found in Car

There was a surprising discovery in Tallahassee Wednesday morning.

Employees at the Taco Bell on the corner of Killearn Center Boulevard found a man dead in his car in the parking lot.

One employee said he saw the man pull in Tuesday around two o'clock, but didn't realize he was still inside until he peered into the car window Wednesday morning.

Michael Hale, who discovered the body, said, "I feel kind of bad, you know. I mean, think about it, he didn't even get to make it home to his family for the Fourth of July or anything like that, and for them, I know on the other end they're worrying, you know what I'm saying, he still hasn't made it home yet. So it's a tough situation."

The man is identified as 44-year-old Maury Owens of Tallahassee.

Police believe he died of natural causes, but they're documenting the scene and will follow up with an autopsy to be sure.