Toy Bins for Hurricane Shelters

Children who are forced into hurricane shelters this year will find a more kid-friendly atmosphere when they get there.

These Tallahassee Girl Scouts have built toy cabinets for eight Red Cross shelters in our area.

With donations and help from sponsors, they filled the cabinets with games, DVDs, cards, coloring books and more in hopes of making evacuations a little easier for the whole family.

Lauren Bacon, who created toy bins, said, "We just hope they'll feel more at home and be more relaxed and not be so stressed out."

Lauren Brautigan added, "It's a really great feeling to know we did all this work, but it's going to be even greater when we see the kids who are using it."

The scouts are only 15 years old and their handiwork will wind up in Red Cross shelters from Madison to Midway, including three in Tallahassee.