Tallahassee Budget Revisions

A half million dollars worth of expenses tacked on to Tallahassee's preliminary budget.

City commissioners decided to use part of it to help Tallahassee Memorial Hospital start a trauma unit. Gov. Bush vetoed the $500,000 TMH was counting on, so Tallahassee and Leon County are stepping in, each allotting $300,000 in the upcoming budgets.

City commissioners are also meeting requests of local organizations for funding, including the Jake Gaither Community Center and Big Bend Homeless Coalition.

Rauol Lavin, budget manager for the City of Tallahassee, said, "In the next couple of weeks we'll look at how to rebalance the budget either through additional revenue sources or through some reductions in some other areas, but we'll be working on that through the summer months."

The final budget will come back for two public hearings September before commissioners vote on it.