Real Estate Boom

Housing boom or bust? It depends on what part of the nation you live in. The city of Thomasville says its housing market is hot!

Looking around any given neighborhood in Thomasville, it might appear that there are more and more “for sale” signs popping up. Local realtors seem to agree.

Julie Bryan, a broker with Remax, says, "Right now in Thomasville we have a great market for housing right now. In fact, we are in a sellers market."

But a hot market for sellers is not always a good thing for someone looking to buy.

Janet O'Neal, part owner of Rose City Reality, says, "We don't have enough on the market to meet the demands. It's really supply and demand. A lot of people come in and look. If we don't have what they want then they go someplace else."

One problem local realtors see in the market is that many people are looking for brand new homes rather then existing ones.

One possible cause for the shortage of new homes is a moratorium that was placed on all new subdivisions within the county.

Bryan added, "I do think that the moratorium we had back in the spring did slow us down a little bit as far as our new construction."

With the moratorium recently lifted, subdivisions are going up fast and individual homes are getting snatched up even faster.