The Cost of Crime

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Once the evidence is collected you can be left with a huge mess, and in some cases a huge bill.

Blood soaked furniture to fingerprint-dust crime scenes are not pretty and can be quite costly.

Thomasville Police Department SGT Rachelle Denmark said, "Unfortunately, it is the homeowner’s responsibility to pay for that, and we'll come in, we'll work the crime scene, collect evidence, but we don't come in and clean up."

A crime scene can consist of anything ranging from broken glass and locks to decomposing bodies, and it’s not just your home you have to worry about.

If a crime should happen in your home, you can expect to pay up, and if it happens in your car you can expect to pay for that as well.

Denmark said, "People don't think about when you buy a house, buy a car you don't think about the worst case scenarios, you're not thinking about, ‘what if someone is injured in my home or car?’"

If you’re dealing with more than just dirt and glass, Johnson Institutional Services is on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week to clean the mess.

Depending on the severity of the crime scene, the cost to clean the scene ranges from 50 to 100 dollars an hour for each person in the cleaning crew.

Zeke Johnson of the Johnson Institutional Services said, "Normally, the majority of the time it’s not covered under the average homeowner policy."

So you may need to review your coverage and prepare for the worst, because you never know when crime will come your way.