FCI Guards Free Until Trial

A federal judge has now agreed to release all of the Tallahassee prison guards in a sex for favors conspiracy.

Thursday afternoon, Alan Moore, Alfred Barnes and Gregory Dixon all walked out of the federal courthouse free men until their trial in August.

Initially these three were held as flight risks, but that decision was changed on appeal. Now they'll have to wear GPS monitors and abide by a long list of rules but they can go home.

Sean Shaw, Dixon's attorney, said, "We always believed that given the presumption in favor of pre-trial release, he honorably served in the Navy, he has extensive family ties in Quincy, he has no criminal record and the government offered very little, if any, evidence of flight risk, so we always thought he was entitled to be released and we're glad the judge saw it our way."

The guards were all indicted last month in a sex for favors conspiracy at Tallahassee's all-female prison. Another guard wound up in a deadly shootout with the agents who came to arrest him.

With that in mind, the federal magistrate ordered all three guards released Thursday to turn over any and all guns until their trial is over.