Bank Fraud Bust

A man travels from Brooklyn to Tallahassee to try to pocket thousands in cash, but he's busted in the bank lobby before he can do any damage.

Leon County deputies say the man visited Tallahassee in June and withdrew $28,000 from Wakulla state banks in just three hours.

When he came to town this time to try to withdraw 85 grand, bank personnel were ready for him and called the law.

DET David Knight of LCSO Financial Crimes said, "They alerted us and within five minutes we had a deputy on scene and took him into custody without any kind of struggle or anything, just very quick."

Thirty-seven-year-old Aleksandr Paskalov is accused of bank fraud, grand theft and more.

Detectives say he was in cahoots with a man in Russia to use stolen identities and an American Express account to make transfers.