Anniversary of Boot Camp Death

It's been six months since Martin Lee Anderson was brought out of the Bay County Boot Camp on a stretcher, and though a special prosecutor has declared the cause of death as suffocation, there are still no charges against the boot camp guards or the nurse who stood by and watched.

The wait is frustrating and disheartening for Anderson's family.

Ben Crump, the family attorney, said, "Very concerned and very disappointed that 180 days later we're still waiting for those who killed Martin Lee Anderson to be held accountable for what they did. Never would have believed we would be here today still waiting for justice."

Student leaders from FAMU, FSU and TCC were meeting with special prosecutor Mark Ober Thursday afternoon to encourage him to press criminal charges.

A spokesman with Ober's office says they have no comment except to say that several attorneys are assigned to the case and they are still working on it.