Utility Line Flap

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Kevin Wailes of Tallahassee utilities says these poles near FSU’s stadium are similar to what needs to be built somewhere in east Tallahassee.

We're running out of options. We’ve built temporary substation, built other additional facilities to do it but now we just have to have more major facilities.

But finding a spot for the new power corridor is tricky. The city has mapped out six possible routes.

They all start and end at the same city substations.

Here's an example Meadow Hills subdivision.

John Dew is president of the Buck Lake Alliance. He and other homeowners don't want the new power poles to ruin their roads.

They think running the wires along Mahan Drive are the best alternative. When you buy a piece of property on rural road, don't expect 100-foot concrete pole to be placed near your house or have to go through that to get to your rural home.

My biggest concern is Mahan Drive is our last chance to do it right. Maybe the best bet, but he and others hope part of the lines could be buried at best. What we're afraid of is the city will choose a cheap and ugly alternative. Now it's up to city residents, and city ratepayers, to have a say in where those lines should run, and how much their power is worth.