Madison County Homicide Investigation

It was a busy Mother’s Day for Madison County investigators as they found themselves in the middle of a murder investigation.

In Madison County the Big Valley Bar is considered the weekend hot spot.

On any given Saturday night, crowds of people pack this shack looking to have a good time.

Instead this Mother’s Day weekend it left investigators looking for a murder suspect, after a fight broke out in the club parking lot.

"In course of people trying to break it up an individual was shot in the chest,” explains Madison County Sheriff Pete Bucher.

Witnesses say the suspect fired three shots into the air, and then one shot into the chest of 23-year-old Todd Brown.

Investigators believe 29-year-old Ty Forbes is the gunman, who used what looked like a nine-millimeter pistol to end the life of Todd Brown.

Once the night took a turn for the worse, Forbes disappeared.
Investigators tracked him to this abandoned house on Highway 90 in Madison County.

Forbes was arrested with out incident and now faces a murder charge.

The Madison County Sheriff's Office is still conducting interviews while they try to map out the course of events that led to this tragic end.