National Women's Health Week

More than 600 health care agencies and providers across the country are participating in National Women’s Health Week.

Thousands of women die every year from diseases that are treatable if caught early.

To urge women to get their yearly health exams, health providers are getting the word out about the importance of preventive care.

Joyce Pickens is receiving her annual mammogram, something she has done for years now, mammography is just one of many important screenings women need on a regular basis, from general health to reproductive health.

"Well, I do not want cancer that is for sure, it runs in my family, so I like to be careful about that,” Pickens explains.

Being careful and aware of your health is what health care professionals are asking of all women in light of national women's health week.

"It is prevention, it is your health and those are the things we know we can do to try and prevent major problems in the future,” says Dr. Sandra Reed of Shaw Women’s Center.

To prevent those major problems, Dr. Reed advises women to meet with their health care provider to personalize the types of health screenings they may health screenings they may need, they vary with age.

"I go every year to have my exam and hope there is not anything there, but if there is, that I caught it early enough to treat it,” says Kristi Wilhelm, who has yearly exams.

But, not catching problems early on, can be debilitating, possibly even deadly.

"If you let it go, then you would have a lot of regrets that you did not come yearly and have it done,” adds Judy Murphy Supervisor at Women’s Center.

Many women are being given this health-screening chart to remind them when they need to be screened, otherwise, again, they just need to call their health care provider for more information.

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