Head of All Police Chiefs

Florida's top cop is installed, and he's from right here in our area.

Live Oak Police Chief Nolan McCleod is named the president of the Florida Police Chief Association. He's been a member of the organization for 10 years.

Chief Nolan McCleod said, "Discuss solutions and problems we have in our community, so it's an immediate resource of some of the best minds in the business in the Florida Police Chief Association. To be installed as president of such a great organization is a great honor and a great humbling experience."

The installation ceremony was held in Daytona June 28. The city of Live Oak held a reception Friday to recognize Chief Nolan's new position as president of the FPCA.

Mayor Sonny Nobles said, "The city of Live Oak is honored to have the top cop in our department of the state of Florida. Chief McCleod is a man of great integrity. He has tremendous leadership ability. He is committed to his profession."

Chief McCleod moved to Live Oak in 1996 to reestablish the city police department. Today, LOPD is a progressive state-accredited agency.

CAPT Buddy Williams said, “The chief's a hard-working, dedicated, loyal man to this agency and to the city. I truly feel like it's an honor to have our boss as the lead law enforcement officer.

The FPCA is composed of more than 700 of the state's top law enforcement executives.

Chief McCleod says he is ready for the challenge. Chief Nolan will serve one full year as FPCA president.