Sister Speaks About Runaway Mom, Baby

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"She loved that baby. I know she did ‘cause I seen it in her eyes," said Lucy Mathews, recalling the last 12 hours she spent with her sister and newborn nephew.

"When she was here I ain't ever seen her like that. She loved that baby, she kissed on that baby, she told that baby how much she loved him."

She loved him even though tests found cocaine in his system. Hours after DCF told her they'd take him away she took off, sneaking little Daniel out the door in a bag.

"I think any child who is so young needs very tender care, and the circumstances are not good for a very young child," said Debra Ervin of the Florida Department of Children and Families.

Robinson's mother, Shelly Walker, says her daughter grew close to the baby during their hospital stay.

"She always had the baby in the room with her, so she got attached that way ‘cause they knew they was gonna take the baby from her."

While leaving the hospital she was caught on surveillance tape, then soon after caught by authorities at her sister's home in Blountstown, Florida.

"When they took that baby away she just broke down and started crying. She kissed the baby good-bye and it just broke her heart when she left, and it broke my heart too," said Mathews.

Although Robinson's three other children were also taken away because of drugs, the family insists she's a good mother.

Melody Robinson is in the Calhoun County Jail. She's charged with interfering with custody.