New Ambulance Service Center in Wakulla County

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For the first time, emergency crews on the east side of Wakulla County are responding to a call. The day was set aside to unveil a new station in that part of town.

Wakulla County Commissioner Howard Kessler says, "This is a happy day for Wakulla County. We're having an official groundbreaking, which will enable us to provide better emergency services to citizens in our county."

Wakulla County officials believe a new ambulance service on the east side of the county will not only increase the amount of service, but also decrease the response to an emergency.

Wakulla Emergency Service Director Frances Councill says, "One of our stations is located in Crawfordville, which is 9.7 miles away from here, so if we have to respond that makes for a very long response time, and some things like cardiac arrest need you to get there as rapidly as you can get there, and now we will be able to provide service."

County officials say response from the community has been positive

Commissioner Kessler said, "It's a thing that all county residents agreed upon. No one says they don't want more fire protection, more ambulance. This is a growing county, we need more.

Local officials and residents are not the only ones excited about the latest development. The Wakulla Volunteer Fire Department is also happy for the additional support.

Wakulla Volunteer Department Fire Chief Al Shylkofsky said, "It's going to give everybody over here a sense of security knowing that the EMS station is close."

With some of the land already cleared, officials hope to have the new station up and running in the fall. The new ambulance service center will also offer a helicopter landing site.