Movie Made by Women, for Women

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From the producer to the main character to the director of this movie, women are not only calling the shots, but taking the shots and the spotlight.

Cassie Henderson, the director and co-owner of the production company Double Vision, says that's not by chance.

"Our primary focus is to empower women through filmmaking. We generally put more women in front of the camera as leads and more women as the above the line positions, so that's our goal," explained Henderson.

They hit their goal with the movie they're currently filming in Tallahassee and Atlanta, Georgia.

It's called "Finding a Good Man," but it's really all about a woman, a woman who breaks up with her cheating boyfriend just as she nears her 30s and finds herself back on the market.

"So now she's on this quest to find the perfect man. She dates a series of different types of guys, and when she comes across the perfect man or someone whom she feels is the perfect man, a twist happens, so we have to save that for the movie," revealed Tanya Petties, the director of publicity for the movie.

But you won't have to wait too long to find out the twist to the plot. The movie's expected to be distributed to theaters in early 2007.

Cassie Henderson and a friend started two production companies soon after graduating from Florida State's film school in 2001.